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YG Relives Shooting In 'Twist My Fingaz': Listen

YG calls this 'a statement record.'

YG - who was shot in the hip in June - released “Twist My Fingaz” on Thursday (July 16). The song, at least in part, describes the incident.

"I'm the only one that's about what he say," the Compton MC rhymed on the track. "The only one that got hit and was walking the same day/ I tried to pop first, got popped back/ Got hit in the hip, couldn't pop back."

Weeks after he was shot, YG spoke with Billboard about what he was thinking after the bullet hit him.

“Survival,” he said. “After I got shot, I’m telling everybody, ’Take me to the hospital, because I can’t die.’ We hop in my homie’s car and bam — we got in a car accident. We hit an island trying to avoid another car. We had to hop out of the totaled car, hop in another car. At the hospital we had to tell people, ’Take me serious right now — you don’t even understand what’s going on.’ It was wild.”

DJ Mustard - a longtime YG collaborator and friend - spoke with MTV News about the shooting last month.

“We all went to the hospital and waited outside for him,” Mustard explained. “I didn’t go in because it was family, you know what I’m saying, his moms and stuff like that. But all our homies was outside.”

"Twist My Fingaz" is the first single off YG's upcoming Still Krazy album, a follow-up to last year's My Krazy Life. And yes, it's a sign of what's to come.

"[It] is a statement record letting everybody know I'm back," YG said in a quote to the press. "And [I'm] Still Krazy!"

The LP is scheduled to be released this year via Def Jam. Want to catch YG on stage? He's slated to hit the road as part of J. Cole's Forest Hills Drive Tour starting tomorrow.