Auntie Heidi Montag 'Finally' Met Her New Nephew

And the former 'Hills' star has nothing but baby love!

Heidi Montag might not be ready to welcome a mini Speidi in the near future, but "The Hills" star is certainly getting her baby fill -- thanks to one incredibly cute kiddo who is near and dear to her heart.

Spencer Pratt's wifey -- who is visiting loved ones in her home state of Colorado -- shared a lovely snapshot with her nephew (aka sister Holly Montag's son). And while we were treated to a glimpse of the tiny tyke shortly after his arrival, this is the first sighting of the blond beauty and her petite relative in action.

"I finally met #IsaiahHawk !!!!! Love my angel nephew!!!!!" a gushing Heids captioned the Instagram photograph above with the newborn (who made his grand debut in May). The MTV alum could not be grinning any wider as she holds the wide-eyed little guy -- and while Baby I isn't exactly looking at the camera (he'll learn in due time), his mom pointed out that he certainly enjoyed the get-together. And it appears that no tears were shed, unlike that unforgettable rehearsal dinner toast...

"He loves his auntie so much!" Holls tweeted in response to the loving image.

Now where is that photograph of Isaiah with his infamous, pot-stirring uncle? Guess we'll just have to wait for it...

Share your well wishes to the growing family in the comments -- and remember an iconic "Hills" scene featuring the sisters below: