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Justin Bieber's Crush On This TV Host Is Giving Her Serious Street Cred

Kelly's got the fever.

Looks like Kelly Ripa has Justin Bieber to thank for her sudden and unexpected increase in cool points on the home front. Because the Biebs recently initiated Ripa into his Unofficial Hotties of Instagram Club and now her teenage daughter -- Lola Grace, who happens to be a super-Belieber -- has gained an all-new sense of appreciation for her famous mom.

Justin gave Kelly a saucy social shout out on Monday (July 14), writing, "Kelly makes me feel some type of way ... no disrespect I know she's married."

So, on Tuesday (July 15), Kelly used her morning airtime on "Live with Kelly and Michael" to thank him for the compliment -- and for the resulting respect she's gotten from her kid.

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"Thank you Justin," she said. "You really gave me tremendous street cred with my daughter, so thank you." Win!

Meanwhile, Lola's dad was slightly less enthused by Bieber's display of insta-infatuation (which is ... understandable).

"Mark [Consuelos] literally said, ‘Where did they find that picture?' And I said, ‘A dentist’s office from 1980,'" she joked.

Kelly also joked that the kind words were a bit of due payback. "Thousands of dollars on Bieber tickets, so he owes me," she laughed. He should probably throw in some backstage passes next time so he can, as she phrased it, "see all these curves in person."

Your move, JB.