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The Origin Story Of The Greatest Rihanna Meme In The World


If you've been on Tumblr recently, you may have come across this Rihanna meme, which is the greatest thing on the internet.

The GIF features Rihanna pointing and winking at the camera—it's harder to pull off than it looks, trust me, I've tried—and is perfect for, it seems, any situation.

It can help you understand:

If you're anything like me—congrats, JK—you've probably been wondering where this GIF of perfection came from. Well, we have the answer—ready?

It's from a 2009 Covergirl commercial for Exact Eyelights Mascara! While I won't spoil the video for you—it's 30 seconds, just watch it—I will say there's a reason pulling off her moves is so hard. It totally won't keep me from mastering the meme, though. Not at all.