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The Rock Just Broke His Finger And Laughed: Watch

We cannot even with this, guys.

UPDATE: Turns out The Rock faked us all out. A rep from New Line confirmed to Variety that the finger was a prosthetic. Nice one, Dwayne. Original story is below.

Here we thought Tom Cruise’s plane stunt on “Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation” was a shoo-in for the year’s most WTF set video prize, but this -- now, this is something else.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been an Instagram fiend throughout filming for his latest action-comedy, “Central Intelligence,” and most of the vids have been pretty standard and inoffensive. So, imagine our surprise when we clicked on his latest video and found our eyeballs cast upon a gruesomely misshapen finger? Yes.

Let's just say his latest video should *definitely* come with some kind of hazard label because it. is. SIIIIIICK.

(Consider yourself warned.)

“I just stepped off set. My director Rawson Thurber just ran up to me -- I had a little accident -- he said, ‘Are you bleeding?’” explained The Rock with his usual toothy ebullience.

But then the camera panned down to reveal that all the while his finger has been mangled AF (Gross. GROSS.) the whole time he was sitting there gabbing with us. So, then what does he say?

“I said, ‘Bleed? Heh. I ain’t got time to bleed.’” Yes, that. He seriously just wrote his next character's tagline right there and then followed it with: “Alright, let’s pop this sonofabitch back in.”

Thud. We’re just … thud.