The World Just Got A Lot Safer: Historic Iran Nuclear Arms Deal Signed

Also: Boston cop's son accused of terror plot, never-before-seen Pluto images on their way.

Iran Will Seriously Have To Pull Back Its Nuclear Capabilities

After a decade of sanctions, endless negotiations and innumerable tense showdowns, Iran and six world powers reached a historic deal early Tuesday morning (July 14) to limit Iran’s nuclear program and prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon. "Every pathway to a nuclear weapon is cut off," President Obama said during a press conference on Tuesday. Among the provisions: Iran must reduce its current stockpile of enriched uranium by 98 percent, reduce its number of centrifuges used to enrich uranium by two-thirds and not use them to enrich uranium for more than a decade, provide more access to nuclear sites across the country, give inspectors 24-hour access to key nuclear facilities and agree to a permanent prohibition from pursuing a nuclear weapon.

If any of these provisions are not met, then sanctions could snap back into place within 30 days. While Obama said the deal was, in part, an effort to create a more secure future for Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to criticize the plan, tweeting, "when willing to make a deal at any cost, this is the result." Congress now has 60 days to review the agreement.

Son Of Boston Cop Charged In Terror Plot

The son of a Boston police captain has been accused of planning to detonate pressure-cooker bombs at a state university and broadcast the executions of students live online. The alleged plan by Alexander Ciccolo, 23, was broken up by his dad, 27-year Boston police veteran Robert Ciccolo, who gave authorities a heads up last fall that his son -- who has a long history of mental illness -- was attempting to join the Islamic State and had become obsessed with Islam and fighting for ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The criminal complaint against Alexander (also known as Abu Ali al Amiriki) was unsealed on Monday and revealed charges of illegal possession of a firearm for receiving four guns from a person cooperating with Massachusetts’ Joint Terrorism Task Force on July 4; Ciccolo was also observed buying a pressure cooker at Wal-Mart just days before his arrest similar to the one used in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

Missouri County Lowers Flag To 'Mourn' Marriage Equality

As some LGBT couples continue to be denied marriage licenses by clerks and judges who refuse to abide by the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling, Dent County, Missouri, officials took that denial a step further on Monday. According to reports, the Dent County Commission -- made up of three Republican members -- voted unanimously to lower flags on two county buildings on the 26th of every month until June 2016 to protest the Supreme Court’s June 26th decision.

Pluto May Get An Upgrade Thanks To New Horizon’s Fly-By

It’s the day skywatchers have been waiting nearly a decade for: NASA’s New Horizon is zooming by Pluto on Tuesday morning for the closest look ever at the dwarf planet that got a downgrade in 2006. With the clearest gaze yet at Pluto’s geology and surface, some scientist think it’s possible that the ninth planet in the system could be bumped back up to its former status. We’re still waiting for images, since it takes nearly five hours to send any messages 3 billion miles, so stay tuned to NASA TV for all the images and updates.