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Ariana Grande's Donut Incident Gets Iced

The shop owners reportedly don't want to press charges.

DonutGate has finally come to an end, and it looks like Ariana Grande will not face criminal charges for her rather problematic donut shop etiquette, which got her (and the store) into such hot water last week.

Per People, the owners of Wolfee Donuts -- the bakery in Lake Elsinore, California, that was the site of Ari's super sticky lick incident -- have declined to press charges against the 22-year-old star.

This is good news, because now she won't have to "Break Free" from any cell blocks. Boom.

As for the fate of the eatery, they're hoping to bounce back from the "B" rating they received after video of the incident aired, revealing their violation of certain California health codes.

Now that Ari's skirted any legal ramifications for her unauthorized taste-testing moment, she's laying the sugar on thick with fans on Twitter, writing things like this sweet-nothing: "love u babes sm. can't wait to get to Tampa, sing for y'all and grab as many hugs as I can. talk to u very soon. oh & I missed u. the most."