We're Reliving How 'The Hills' Ended...On The Anniversary Of Its Unforgettable Finale

Five years ago today, K-Cav and Brody embraced in front of that Hollywood sign.

July 13, 2010 is an important date in MTV history: After countless memorable Lauren Conrad quotes ("He's a sucky person!" and "You know what you did!" stand out as favorites), unbelievable quarrels (Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt vs. everyone else in Tinseltown, for example) and juicy hookups (Brody Jenner with LC, Audrina Patridge, Jen Bunney and Kristin Cavallari juuuuust to name a few ), "The Hills" came to a sad close. We definitely needed our waterproof mascara -- and a few glasses of bubbles -- when we bid farewell to these fine and glam folks...

In honor of this momentous five-year anniversary (you know, the one where you gift your loved ones silverware or wood), we've decided to relive an iconic moment from the series: the (original) epic last scene between K-Cav and B.

A brief bit of context: The Laguna Beach gal decided that she needed a hiatus from all of the City of Angels drama and opted to jet outta town to travel around Europe. After a series of goodbyes (like Stacie the Bartender!), the blond beauty had to say toodaloo to one more person: the incomparable ladies' man. Following their emotional hug and her "it's time to go" speech -- in front of the iconic Hollywood sign -- the camera pulled back to reveal that the duo was actually standing on staged grounds (aka a studio lot with a fake backdrop of the signage). So was it all real or not? Hellllllllo, mind tricks -- even after all this time.

Wishing a very happy anni to "The Hills!" And for a special bonus, check out the alternate ending below -- remember LC's wise words: "it's hard to say goodbye" -- and share your favorite memories from the show in the comments section!