Yes, There Is Now A Picture Of Arya Stark Partying With Harry Potter

An unstoppable Stark has met an immovable Potter.

We hope you have your affairs in order, because this is it, y'all: we are all about to be obliterated in the giant nuclear explosion caused when "Game of Thrones" careened into the wizarding world last night, like a wild rogue planetoid of doom.

Maisie Williams and Daniel Radcliffe partied together, and the apocalypse is now.

The actress who plays Arya Stark apparently encountered the "Harry Potter" actor at San Diego Comic-Con, and posted the pic above to her Instagram with a comment: "I think this photo is gonna make the world implode."

Having noted that this photo contains both a girl who lies and the boy who lived, the world would tend to agree. And ugh, isn't it just like Arya to oh-so-casually post the insta-pic that causes the universe to swallow itself whole? Good job, ya murderous little weasel.