Caitlyn Jenner Is Still Trying To Master Nail Polish, Just Like The Rest Of Us

Cait is every woman.

We've loved watching Caitlyn Jenner embrace her femininity, from her va-va-voom Vanity Fair debut to her chic pride partying look to the Old Hollywood glamor of her "I Am Cait" promo. We've also loved the behind-the-scenes moments she's shared via her social media accounts – and the latest is no exception.

Caitlyn recently tweeted a video showing her attempt to fix the polish on a chipped nail. She captioned it, "Still getting the hang of this. What do you think of the color?"

First of all: we're loving the baby blue, Cait. But you know what else we love? That you're so bravely sharing your story – and all its learning curves – with the world. You'll be giving yourself expert manis in no time – in fact, we'd totally watch a makeup and beauty how-to series hosted by you!