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Try Not To Squeal As Ian Somerhalder Praises His ‘Unbelievable’ Wife Nikki Reed

The gushing hubby revealed his and Nikki's future plans together.

At this point, it’s anything but shocking anytime Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed flaunt their picture-perfect relationship for us to fawn over. From their gorgeous wedding video to their FOMO-inducing honeymoon pics, their embodiment of #RelationshipGoals is very well-documented.

But Ian’s latest musings about his wife may just trump anything he’s said about her before. Speaking at the International Bird Rescue in San Pedro, Calif., the “Vampire Diaries” stud gushed about Nikki and discussed their shared love of animals.

“The amount of compassion fueled by passion that she puts into the world in regards to animals is second to none,” he said. “I mean, she changes her house into a rescue and a foster home for so many animals and has taken so much time and energy and money of her own with her family, particularly her mom, to foster animals and make sure that they are safe. That in and of itself is really something that solidifies us as a unit that really is an amazing thing to wake up to every morning.”

Allow us to pause and collect ourselves from that cuteness overload.

OK, moving on. Ian also revealed his and Nikki’s admirable plans to continue their love of charity work, saying, “My goal and Nikki’s goal in life is literally -- my goal in particular -- is to build [for-profit] entities that will literally feed our necessary non-prof initiatives till the end of time,” Somerhalder told Us of the newlyweds’ plans. “We definitely share that passion together in a very huge way.”

Ian and Nikki may have only been dating for nine months before tying the knot, but clearly this is a couple destined for a blissful future together. The doting husband called married life “unbelievable” and admitted he hasn’t taken his wedding ring off since they wed in April.

All together now: “Awwwww!”