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'Suicide Squad' Kills And More Breathtaking Moments From The Warner Bros. Comic-Con Panel

Our jaws are still on the floor. Please, someone pick up our jaws.

With "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice," The "Justice League" movies, "Harry Potter" spin-offs, and of course "Suicide Squad" looming in the distance, you knew Warner Bros. was going to have the most kickass panel at San Diego Comic-Con. But even we couldn't predict what would happen once we entered the hallowed doors of Hall H on Saturday (July 11) -- and boy are we glad, because the Aisha Tyler-moderated panel featured the most glorious surprises at Comic-Con.

Here are the best things you missed:

  1. "Suicide Squad" cast killed us dead.

    First and foremost, fans freaked TF out over "Suicide Squad."

    David Ayer waltzed in to raucous applause to deliver some brand spanking new footage (read our full recap here), which mainly focused on Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn as she licked her jail cell and did aerial splits in her cage. As you can probably expect, the applause and screams were deafening, especially when the Joker showed up at the end with some menacing threats to... well, we're not quite sure, but it was still awesome.

    Next the whole cast came out -- minus Jared Leto, sob -- to give a quick hello and let us know that they're hard at work making sure their villains are going to kick Marvels' butt.

  2. "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" revealed a new trailer.

    We've already revealed what we saw in the "Dawn of Justice" trailer -- read our thoughts here -- so just know that the fans gave it a standing ovation, and seemed to love every second of it. (However, they did giggle a little bit at the part where Batfleck hugs the crying little girl in the rubble and makes that angry face.)

  3. "Batman V Superman" cast revealed their biggest secrets.

    After the trailer, Holly Hunter, Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Adams, Henry Cavill, Jeremy Irons, and of course Ben Affleck -- who was looking more diesel than Vin Diesel -- showed up to chat about the film.

    "The big rule we broke was we put Gotham and Metropolis right next to each other," Snyder said, adding that they're like "Oakland and San Francisco" and are across a big bay. Gadot pitched in next, saying that her Wonder Woman was nurturing and loving in addition to kicking ass. Eisenberg added that his character is campy, but also has "a real, emotional core, even though the situations are so heightened and theatrical." Cavill, meanwhile, said this movie will "stay true to the character we ran with in 'Man of Steel.'"

    Also, Holly Hunter apparently will be playing an original part in the film -- Snyder had it written just for her -- and said her role is "super important." Tyler then (hilariously) remarked at how huge Affleck's Batman is, but Synder said the strength is for protection, since he'll be "pummeled like a pinata" by Superman.

  4. Ben Affleck revealed his greatest advice from Christian Bale.

    Affleck, who was on fire with his one-liners, gave props to "the great Christian Bale" when asked about his character, and said he would have driven himself insane if he'd compared himself to past Batmans (yes, including George Clooney). He also joked that the Bruce Wayne pitched to him as being "perfect for him" was an "older burnout" type of Batman, but his greatest bit came when he noted that, after he was cast in the film, he was buying his son a Batman costume in Los Angeles and ran into Christian Bale at the costume store (he later noted that Bale was also buying his son a suit, he "doesn't just hang out" at the Batman store). Affleck said to Bale "you're the best" and asked for some advice, but Bale's only tip was "make sure you can piss in that suit."

  5. "Man From U.N.C.L.E." made the '60s sexy... again.

    The first thing we saw at the panel was the cast from "Man From U.N.C.L.E." Cavill, Armie Hammer, Elizabeth Debicki and Alicia Vikander hit the stage -- after we saw the kickass new trailer, of course -- and promoted the hell out of their "Russian spy meets American spy" 1960s-era thriller. Cavill pointed out that, while he and Hammer hate each other in the Guy Ritchie-directed comedy action film, they "enjoyed a few drinks together" IRL. Debicki pointed out that the '60s and '70s were a "golden era for villains," so basically, sexy spy lovers are going to need to check this one out, ASAP.

  6. "Pan" debuted some Hugh Jackman-heavy footage.

    Next up was "Pan" -- and after a very brief teaser from the film, Joe Wright, Levi Miller, Garrett Hedlund, and Hugh Jackman made the crowd roar (okay, especially the latter) with their surprise appearance. Jackman teased that you'll see Neverland "like you've never seen it before," and reminded us that it was NOT filmed in front of a green-screen. Instead, it was a real life set roughly three times the size of Hall H!

    After that came the trailer, which showed us a jaw-dropping look at Wright's fantastic world. Rooney Mara's Tiger Lily character had some kickass moments, and we finally got a good look at Jackman's villain Blackbeard, who hates Pan due to a prophecy that predicts that Pan will bring him down. However, even if Jackman's prophecy comes true, the actor said it was one of the most fun movies he's ever made in his entire life.

    Finally, we got a sneak peek at Pan's flight on a magic ship to Neverland ("is this Canada?" he wonders out loud), as well as Blackbeard's first scene in the film. Jackman is barely recognizable in his wig, facial hair and "Marie Antoinette with the wig of Louis XIV" costume (his words), and he totally vamps it up as he addresses his adoring Neverland crowd from above. He also has really dirty teeth, which later made Jackman remark that there are "no dentists in Neverland."