Francis Lawrence Reveals Who Made Him Uglycry At The End Of 'Hunger Games' Shooting

He almost held it together. Almost.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

"Hunger Games" fans, you're not alone in being emotional about the end of the series. Director Francis Lawrence is right there with you.

At San Diego Comic-Con, Lawrence told MTV News that the movie is "really, really close to being done."

"It's really down to music and digital effects now, and sound," he said.

He's gotten at least one of his big cries out of the way already. While Lawrence said that the last day of filming reshoots, when Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and others shot the movie's epilogue, had the vibe of "a nice sort of reunion gathering," in Berlin, however, when main unit photography wrapped, it was a different story.

Lawrence admitted that he was the one who ugly-cried the hardest.

"Often I can hold it together and then if I start to speak then I start to fall apart," he said. "I started to fall apart and then I saw there were some guys out there in the crew, these big tough guys are all crying and Woody [Harrelson] was crying. Woody cries a lot, he's a really emotional guy. So you see him, and you see the key grip, and I broke down."

Awwwww. Well, don't worry, Francis: we're tearing up just thinking about it, too.

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2" flies into theaters November 20.