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Watch Things Get Really, Really Weird When Best Friends Play 'Truth Or Drink'

Cheers to honesty.

"Truth or Drink" is a dangerous game that ends in spilled secrets, a hangover, or, more than likely, both. We've seen it with exes, couples and parents, and now it's time for the next group to accept the challenge: best friends.

In the latest installment from Cut Video, BFFs start calling the shots. The rules are pretty simple. They ask each other a set of random questions and either answer honestly or take a shot. The questions get pretty juicy:

"If someone offered you one million dollars to never talk to me again, would you?" (Best answer: "You could do so much with that million dollars. You could turn me into a hologram.")

"Have you ever had a crush on someone I'd been with? What did you do?"

"What would it take for us to have sex?"

Most of the friends opt for truth over shots, so no one gets too tipsy too quickly. And it just goes to show that if you're really best friends, there's not much that you can't share.