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Rumor: Ben Affleck Will Direct And Star In A Stand Alone 'Batman' Movie

The Batfleck wants to helm the next Batflick with a D.C. Comics superstar as his sidekick.

"Superman, step aside."

"See ya later, Suicide Squad."

"So long, Justice League."

That's some of what the Dark Knight might be saying soon as he jets off in the Batmobile, if this latest rumor is true.

Deadline reports Ben Affleck is rumored to team with DC Comics' Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns -- who's written quite a few of DC's most prominent series, including "Batman" -- to co-write the script for a standalone "Batman" flick, which he of course aspires to also direct and star in, now that he's successfully helmed a Best Picture winner ("Argo") and more than proven his chops behind the lens.

While Affleck reportedly does want to go ahead with his dream project -- an adaptation of Dennis Lehane's "Live By Night," which has been knocking around for years -- first and foremost, he and Geoff are supposedly jiving well enough to possibly even have a script together for Warner Bros. by the end of the summer. This gives him a few months to prepare for his big "Night" to shoot in November.

For obvious reasons, this one-off "Batman" movie is expected to keep the character in concert with the events that transpire in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" (which hits theaters on March 25, 2016) and "Justice League Part One" (dropping on Nov. 17, 2017), but it is unknown at this time when the Batfleck's solo Batflick project would be slated for release.