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Kourtney Kardashian Brought The Fam Out To Disney For Penelope's B-Day: See The Pics

It is a small world after all.

Kourtney Kardashian spent her Wednesday (July 8) keeping up with the other Kardashian kiddo -- namely, North West -- to make sure her daughter Penelope also got to have a birthday bash at the Happiest Place on Earth this year.

And while P's Auntie Kim Kardashian, cuz Nori, and Grandma Kris Jenner were on-hand help make the day special, her dad (Kourtney's now-estranged boyfriend of nine years, Scott Disick) was not with the group.

Kourtney, who has been sending some serious "So Long, Scott" signals on social media lately, posted some personal pics of her second child in a too-cute Tinkerbell costume, and on-site photographers snapped some candid captures of the fam having fun around the park.

  • "You forever changed my life and my heart and teach me so much everyday. Happy birthday my tinkerbell angel," Kourtney wrote on Instagram.

    Scott Disick had also paid tribute on Insta for her b-day, but his message had much more of a bummer tone: "1 of the only things I'm proud off about myself. Happybdayp"

  • And while Penny might've looked a little grumpy in the first shot, her face lit up like a roman candle on the Fourth of July when she got her celebratory sundae.

    Nom nom nom nom.

  • Oh, plus Kourt decided to suit up with a little green herself for the occasion so that she, Pen, and Tink herself all had this matchy-matchy thing going on.

    So what if there's an official dress code policy against adult parkgoers being in Disney character costumes?

  • The occasion gave North an excuse to don some dope new Mouse ears around the park, too.

    She knows this look works for her, so she's more or less just going all-in with it.

  • Meanwhile, Kris was happy to wave to passersby from their boat.
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    Why not.

  • And she and Mason had a blasty-blast on the "Dumbo" ride.
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  • Seriously. Kris was losing it on that elephant.
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    Even Penny had to give her a little side-eye action from behind here.

  • And Penelope was only mildly impressed with the carousel ride.
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    "Too slow, Ma."

  • And Nori didn't even understand why this wasn't still her party, even though her sequined Minnie ears headband was a straight wonder.
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    Every day is Nori day!!

  • And both girls were a little freaked out by the "Alice In Wonderland" caterpillar ride.
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    This ... is quite understandable.

  • Penelope was looking for the exit while North was just like "What in the name of Yeezy is this ish, Grandma Kris?"
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    That pout is priceless.