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Nicholas Hoult Grooving to Taylor Swift Is The Best GIF You'll See All Day

Hoult's totally a BEAST at dancing.

Stop what you're doing right now because what you are about to see will make your whole day -- nay, week.

On Tuesday (July 7), Nicholas Hoult took a break from all his Big Blue Beasting on the Montreal set of "X-Men: Apocalypse" and joined a few of his co-stars for, oh, you know, just some show... JK, it was the Taylor Swift concert, and he was soooo IN.

See for yourself just how into the Swiftie (or as Sansa Stark calls her, "T-swizzle") jams he was by way of these amazing GIFs that have gone viral faster than the zombie plague that infected all the things back when Hoult was still just one of the "Warm Bodies."

  • For starters, he knows the lyrics and he is NOT afraid to sing along.
  • And hands in the air? Yap, Nic don't care.

Toldya. The best. There's even a video of Hoult having the time of his life with Taylor, as one does -- and, yep, that's Kate Bosworth and "Game of Thrones" star Sophie Turner to his left.

And even though he wasn't pictured in these after images from "X-Men" producer Simon Kinberg and Genie Bouchard -- 'cause he was probably still shakin' his groove thang without abandon somewhere -- it was clear that the party wasn't even close to over when the lights went out on the concert that night.

We aren't hatin'. Not even a little bit.