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Vanessa Hudgens Is A Bohemian Goddess -- As Usual -- While On Vacay In the Desert

Baby V is always channeling those Coachella vibes.

By Jessica Norton

After finishing up her Broadway debut in the musical "Gigi" Vanessa Hudgens made a well-deserved escape from New York City and relaxed out west over the Fourth Of July weekend. Unsurprisingly, she did it in the most effortlessly, gypsy-boho way possible and got to spend some quality time with her super adorbs boyf Austin Butler.

Back in May she confessed, "Ugh. I miss him. MTV stop hogging him. Lol." The couple spent some time apart while Austin was working on the set of his upcoming MTV show "Shannara" and she was on Broadway -- so when the opportunity came, V took her crocheted crop tops, turquoise rings, and her bae out to the desert so they could take in some beautiful sights. *insert cactus and sunshine emojis here*

Are you ready to be overwhelmed with wanderlust feels?

"America is so beautiful. Has so much to offer and I'm proud to call it my home." Vanessa wrote on her Instagram while on the scenic holiday trip.

Casually frolicking through a beautiful field of wildflowers? I think I've had dreams of perfect photo op's like this.

Vanessa cutely twirled around with sparklers in hand while grooving to Arcade Fire.

"So pretty it looks fake. That's been pretty much this whole trip," she commented on the sites.

"He's my John Smith ❤️" she captioned the selfie. Which makes her Pocahontas.

In unison we all: "Awwwwwww!"