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Joe Budden Clarified His Meek Mill And Nicki Minaj Comments

Joey said he supports the couple's love.

Joe Budden has been fielding backlash for comments he made about Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill recently. "Meek’s music is too hard for me to look at him with this f--king sappy f--k shit," Joe said during the latest episode of his "I'll Name This Podcast Later" podcast.

Following negative feedback, Budden clarified his statements during a Tuesday (July 7) interview with Hot 97.

"This is what happens on podcasts," he said. "You half-heartedly speak on things that might be a hot topic, right? So, the awards came on and the camera guy just showed a lot of shots of Meek blissfully smiling in love. I thought that was interesting. I thought it was funny. It was funny to me. So we joked about it on the podcast.

"Once the blogs got ahold of that, they wrote it out in the transcript and when you read it, you take that as a serious sentiment," Joe continued. "I didn't think it was possible to take that as a serious sentiment. I was talking about light-skinned men versus dark-skinned men. I didn't think anybody with half a brain would take those comments seriously."

He went on to say that he actually supports the high-profile rap couple despite what some may think.

"I’m all for love," he explained. "I’m all for Meek and Nicki’s love. I can’t even believe that this is a story all of these days later. But people are simpletons."

Budden's original commentary - which you can see below - ended up getting Nicki and Meek's attention.

Meek’s music is too hard for me to look at him with this f--king sappy f--k shit. Be the hardcore guy that I’m sure she was attracted to at some point. It’s nasty. I hate everything about it. I hate seeing that.

I’m glad a dark-skinned guy is behaving this way. Light-skinned n---as, we’re not moving like that, b. Light-skinned guys, we’re used to getting the bad bitch. He’s like this bitch just stepped off of f--king Mars and is the only girl out there. Oh my God, I just hate it all. But I do appreciate them both keeping the hope of love alive.

How did the aftermath play out? Here's a breakdown:

But now it seems they've at least cleared the air some about these comments. And there doesn't seem to be bad blood there. "Not that this is any gauge," Budden said in his latest interview. "But [Meek] still follows me [on Twitter]."

Joe Budden's podcast can be heard weekly. The MC's also working on new solo work as well as the next Slaughterhouse LP Glass House.

Meanwhile, Meek just released Dreams Worth More Than Money and Nicki's about to headline an event at Arenes de Nimes tomorrow.