The 'Meet An Immigrant' Experiment Is A Giant F-You To Donald Trump

This guy is challenging Trump's controversial comments in the most creative way.

By now you've probably heard about the controversial comments Donald Trump made regarding immigrants in the U.S. His statements rightfully lost him several major business partners and has earned the Republican presidential candidate a deluge of criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike.

UDsyde Films sought to find out if other Americans felt the same way about immigrants, so they conducted a social experiment to continue the dialogue surrounding Trump's comments. A blindfolded man stood in public dressed in a prison jumpsuit and handcuffs next to a sign that read, "Meet an immigrant. Do you really see me as a drug lord, rapist, criminal?"

The results of the experiment were heartwarming. Many passersby stopped to say hello, shake hands or offer him a hug. Some added that they were immigrants, too.

"For a while I came up with this idea for a video ... [but] I didn't know exactly what message I was trying to get across," filmmaker Sergio Mejia wrote in the video's description. "I more just wanted to see who supported Donald Trump or not ... and to be honest, for the first half while I was filming it, I still did not know exactly what it was I was trying to say. But as I was filming it, many of the people I met expressed their feeling and emotions towards this subject and it was[n't] until then that I knew what the purpose of this video was and realized it had much more significant meaning."

While Trump's comments may echo the worst feelings about immigration, it's promising to see this many people clearly disagree. Donald, you're fired.