ABC/Bob D'Amico

Hayley Atwell Just Discovered Dubsmash And It’s Adorable

Peggy Carter, you're our hero.

As a badass female spy in the mid 1940s, Peggy Carter might not get the chance to whip out an iPhone and goof off on her downtime. But the actress who plays her in "Marvel's Agent Carter," Hayley Atwell, is all about being a hilarious, adorable dork on her Twitter, especially when she's got a few minutes to kill at one of her many convention appearances.

These days, what better way is there to alleviate boredom than with Dubsmash, the app where you take video selfies while lip syncing lines of dialogue or song lyrics? Over the past week, Atwell's discovered the app for herself and even recruited some of her famous friends to star in videos with her. And you know what? She's pretty great at it. Somebody get this girl her own "Lip Sync Battle" episode already.

Let's hope she has plenty of new Dubsmash material to show us at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend!