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This Little Girl Stood Up To A Homophobic Preacher Because Love Wins

High fives all around!

Meet Zea, your new hero.

This little girl is only in first grade and already she could teach us all a thing or two about courage.

Whereas most elementary schoolers might be frightened by a homophobic street preacher ranting in the road -- not to mention, right in her face -- this pint-sized superheroine stood firm, held her head up high, and kept right on waving her rainbow flag with pride as an answer to his taunts.

A YouTuber named Ryan Bowling uploaded the video of this tough-as-nails tyke, explaining that they were at a local Columbus area festival called Comfest the day after the monumental SCOTUS ruling that legalized same-sex marriage across all 50 states, when the showdown took place.

"Comfest is a family-friendly, free, community music festival," Bowling wrote. "This was not a march, or a political event. The preacher was accosting festival goers, including other families with children. His rhetoric, before being confronted by a small girl, was graphic, and bigoted."

Zea then approached the man and wordlessly waved her celebratory banner, holding her ground as he addressed her directly with his scream-sermon. But the only activity that made Zea move an inch was a stream of high fives from passersby who witnessed her brave stand.

"Zea was not there to protest," Bowling noted. "She volunteers at Comfest every year, and was on her way to spend her volunteer tokens on pizza."

Somebody give this child an extra large slice ASAP because this gutsy little girl deserves all the pizza. And also? Someone pretty please give us a tissue because our tears of joy are just a-flowing over this video.