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Chris Pratt's 'SNL' Jason Statham Impression Is Really Tasty

Pratt's stern lipwork is on point.

It's been over half a year since Chris Pratt hosted the Season 40 premiere of "Saturday Night Live," but the episode is still giving us triceratops doo-sized drops of gold.

The latest nugget to fall into our laps is this: a "Cut For Time" short video Pratt did wherein he impersonated Jason Statham making a commercial for his line of flat steaks -- called, get this, Jason Steakums. Which are made of 100% Cow Face, naturally.

Why it's taken this long for this good to come into our lives, we'll never know, but better late than never.

Because he's got the wrinkled eyebrow line and tough guy grimace thing on lock here, and his British Cockney accent is nothing to shake a stick at. The only thing we can figure is that he broke into an almost-smile a few times here and there, and the left seam of his baldness cap started to come undone a bit.

Otherwise? Badass.