Gavin Alaoen

Yes, You Can Pull Off Aqua Eyeliner—Here's How

Because we're done sweating off our black liner.

It’s summer, which means it’s time to trade in your black eyeliner for one of color. Aqua liner has been trending on celebrities and runways, but trust us, it’s versatile enough for your everyday look. From subtle to dramatic, we've got three different ways for you to rock aquamarine lids.

  • Simple Liner
    Gavin Alaoen

    Glide Ink It! eyeliner in Aquamarine across the top of your lid for a subtle look that has a touch of color.

  • Blended
    Gavin Alaoen

    If you're ready to embrace a colorful lid, create a cat-eye with black eyeliner then blend the aqua toward the outer corner of your lid.

  • Lower Liner
    Gavin Alaoen

    Wipe the liner along your bottom lashes for a quick and easy way to add a pop to your makeup.

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