The Tiny Hamster Already Won 4th Of July With A Miniature Barbecue

A hedgehog, bunny and guinea pig join the festivities.

The 4th of July is just a few days away, so there's a good chance you're getting ready for a barbecue with friends. If you are, we hate to break it to you but we've just found what's gotta be the best 4th of July party around.

You're probably familiar with Tiny Hamster, the pint-sized Internet sensation known for eating teensy burritos and Thanksgiving dinners. The adorable critter is back, and this time he's invited friends -- a hedgehog, a bunny and a guinea pig -- for a backyard barbecue celebrating the good ole U.S. of A. Tiny menu items include baby skewers, baby burgers and baby corn on the cob -- all cooked on a miniature grill and served on poker chips instead of plates.

The party wouldn't be complete without fireworks, of course, which are graciously provided at the end of the meal by the group's chef. It's the perfect ending to a perfect, tiny afternoon. So keep planning that barbecue if you must, but just know that it will never be this cute.