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Mmm Yeah, Austin Mahone Is Ready To Do Some 'Dirty Work'

The secret's out now.

Roll your sleeves up, Mahomies, because some "Dirty Work" is going to be coming your way on July 10. And you're sooooo gonna want to get down with this ish.

Because Austin Mahone has just announced the title and release date for his next new single -- to repeat, that's NEW MUSIC -- which means (a) insert many flaily arms, (b) we have exactly a week and half of torture ahead of us 'til it's here, and (c) that still leaves plenty of time to induct those last lingering holdouts into the Austin Mahone Fan Club so that he can begin his move toward global domination of all the hearts.

"I know its been a long time coming," Mahone wrote on Instagram Monday (June 29). "Been waiting to say this for what seems like forever. So grateful you guys have been so patient & supporting .. But I’m finally ready to say.... DIRTY WORK COMES OUT ON JULY 10!!!!!"

If you're done YAAAAAAASSS-ing over this news yet -- because, again, NEW MUSIC -- we've got a few ideas for how you can spend the next 11 days preparing for the new jam.