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Amber Rose Kissed A Girl To Celebrate Marriage Equality, And She Liked It

Amber puckered up because #LoveWins.

Friday, June 26, was a historic day, with the Supreme Court ruling that same sex marriage must be legally recognized in all 50 states from now on, and the celebration continued well into the weekend. Amber Rose also celebrated the big victory, while walking the BET Awards red carpet on Sunday night.

Amber was accompanied by her pal Blac Chyna, outfitted in matching white pants and blazers, and even their lipstick colors were coordinated. Maybe that was in preparation for their big kiss?

The two models locked lips on the red carpet as a show of solidarity, on the same day at annual Pride parades were held in cities like New York and San Francisco.

"@blacchyna and I went to the BET awards as each other's Date to celebrate Marriage Equality #LoveWins," Amber wrote on Instagram.

Love definitely won.