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Karlie Kloss Totally Got Fifth-Wheeled At Taylor Swift's Hangout

Another double date for T. Swift.

Nothing can quite beat the best-friend amazingness that went down in London this weekend when Taylor Swift brought ALL the famous people onstage at Hyde Park, but her boat hangout that same weekend looked like something from our wildest dreams.

Swift invited Joe Jonas, Gigi Hadid, Calvin Harris and Karlie Kloss to cruise down the River Thames with her parents. Couple Joe and Gigi cuddled close, and Taylor and Calvin did the same, but when it came time for a #squad pic, the couples parted to the side, while Karlie served as the centerpiece.

So, yeah, maybe Karlie was majorly fifth wheeled in this outing, but at least Taylor played it up like she was acting as a tour guide. "Little known fact: Karlie is secretly an unofficial historian/London tour guide. Kind of," she tweeted.

Kloss hung out backstage at her show, too, and walked the runway with her model pals. Martha Hunt, Emma Watson and Syndey Sierota from Echosmith posed for a photo during the exclusive hangout. During the show, Karlie strutted with Kendall Jenner, Martha Hunt, Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid and Serena Williams.