7 Independent Women Who Got Their Start As 'Drake And Josh' Arm Candy

So many talented actresses got their start as Drake's movie date.

Drake Parker really knew how to pick 'em on "Drake & Josh."

The self-described ladies' man had a different date to the Premiere every week on the Nickelodeon series, but did you know some of Drake's most memorable dates are now successful leading ladies in their own right?

In honor of Drake Bell's 29th birthday today (June 27), we're taking a look back at Drake's long list of ladies. You'd be surprised how many talented actresses got their start as Drake's arm candy. Here are the seven most successful former dates:

  1. Vanessa Hudgens

    Before Hudgens shot into superstardom as sweet girl next door Gabriella Montez in the hit Disney Channel Original Movie "High School Musical," she played Drake's gf Becca on an episode of "Drake & Josh" -- and she even had a kissing scene with the birthday man himself. Ooh la la!

  2. Lucy Hale

    This "Pretty Little Liars" star snagged a role as Drake's nutty movie theater date Hazel in a single episode of "Drake & Josh" long before she ever stepped foot in Rosewood.

  3. Dianna Agron

    This future Gleek appeared on the show as one of Drake's many Premiere dates. She played Lexi, a dumb blonde archetype who was famous for being able to stick her whole fist in her mouth. Sadly (for Drake), she ended up getting herself stuck in a popcorn machine before she was able to show him her "trick."

  4. Torrey DeVitto

    This other "Pretty Little Liars" star also played one of Drake's many love interests on the show, but unlike Bell's onscreen tryst with Hale, he was actually seeing DeVitto IRL at the time. Who knew!

  5. Jessica Szohr

    Though technically not a "date," Szohr guest starred as one of Drake's fan-girls on a 2004 episode. Just a few short years later, she'd be fan-girling over her BFF Dan Humphrey on The CW's hit "Gossip Girl."

  6. Minka Kelly

    Before stealing the heart of our #1 fictional boyfriend Tim Riggins on "Friday Night Lights," Kelly played another one of Drake's many movie dates, Stacey.

  7. Brittany Curran

    Curran played Drake's girlfriend Carly in several episodes of "Drake & Josh," after Drake first met her at the CD shop and fell in love with her at first sight. Unlike Drake's previous arm candy, Carly always kept Drake on his toes. Since her stint on "Drake & Josh," Curran has landed prominent roles in both TV and movies. Most recently, Curran starred on NBC's hit drama, "Chicago Fire."