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Kanye West, Zayn Malik, And Joe Jonas Form Fashion's New Holy Trinity

Squad goals.

Yesterday (June 24), Zayn Malik resurfaced—unexpectedly—at the Valentino Paris Fashion Week show. As if that wasn't amazing enough, today he was spotted in the front row at the Louis Vuitton show sandwiched all NBD between Kanye West and Joe Jonas. Excuse me, but, WHAT?!

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Zayn is still fresh to sitting front row at fashion shows—hi, his first one ever was yesterday—but he was brave enough to wear a floral jacket from the upcoming spring collection. He even knew to sit back as Joe and Kanye shook hands—front row etiquette at its finest.

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After the introductions, Zayn and Kanye smiled for the camera, while Joe, I assume, contemplated if he acted cool enough when meeting Kanye. Like, are you supposed to shake hands and acknowledge you both know who the other is without exchanging names or do celebrities do it differently? I kinda need to know.

Later, Joe summed up all our feelings on this hangout sesh in a one-word caption. Can you imagine if these three hung out again? Can you imagine if, IDK, they all were in a campaign or something together?

Until all of our campaign dreams are realized, we'll hope the holy trinity hangs front row at another show—more photos like this NEED to exist.