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Somehow We Don't Quite Buy Anna Kendrick's Reason For Going Twitter Silent

Our enthusiasm is more than 140 characters.

Consider, if you will, the Twitter. Is a tweet worth twitting on the Twitter if there's no Anna Kendrick there to make it seem funnier and prettier and wittier? We posit: barely.

One of our favorite tweeters, Anna Kendrick, has been largely absent from the social media platform in recent weeks, a fact that hasn't gone unnoticed. But the actress made a triumphant return with a pair of tweets last night (June 23) to explain her absence.

Sex tape? Clones???

Somehow, we're finding these excuses a little hard to believe, given that Kendrick posted exactly zero selfies with those clone fighters she was betting on. Our money is on her absence being explained by the filming one of her many, many upcoming projects. "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates," anyone? (Pssst, we'll go to a wedding with you any day, Anna!)

Welcome back to Twitter, gf! We can't quite sum up our enthusiasm in under 140 characters.