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Um, So Kitten Watches A Lot Of Dark Ish On Their Tour Bus

Nothing like a little fast food and 'Lolita' to pass the miles.

Chloe Chaidez of Kitten has hit the road with pretty much every badass woman in the music industry -- from Paramore to Garbage to No Doubt to Charli XCX. And that's really no shock -- since Chaidez sings like a New Wave-tinged hellcat in her own right; she's a frontwoman not only to watch, but to watch obsessively.

And speaking of watching obsessively... it seems the LA-born Chaidez has a pretty serious addiction to the dark and gloomy when it comes to her tour bus movie picks. You know, the stuff every artist streams as their vehicle cuts through the country and racks up the miles.

We asked the Kitten frontwoman to share her tour bus playlist with us -- as well as her earliest musical memory (shoutout MTV!), her first song and what lessons she learned from touring the best.

Check it all out below -- and Kitten's most recent self-titled album at your friendly local (digital or physical) record store.


"Lolita" is a favorite among many musicians -- Lana Del Rey included -- so it's no surprise that this twisted roadtrip movie is one of Chloe's on-the-road picks.

MTV News: What is your earliest memory related to music? I know you've been doing it quite a while. You were touring with, like, Conor Oberst when you were a fetus.

Chloe Chaidez: I think there was a TV show on MTV called 'Driven.' I remember watching videos of artists that I really loved on that. There were bands -- and then there was also Britney Spears.

I watched it with my family and I would be like, 'Man, that’s something I want to do.' I was like, 'I’m that driven -- or whatever.'

My dad [a former punk drummer] was also always playing the Police and David Bowie and the Rolling Stones -- and he'd get me to sing along to the records.

Yeah. Between Britney Spears 'Driven' episodes and the Police -- music has always been a pretty constant thing.


This 1995 flick was written by Harmony Korine and directed by Larry Clark, so you KNOW it's gonna be dark. And given that it's about the sexual journeys of a bunch of New York teens during the height of the AIDS epidemic, that assessment is very accurate. Maybe not the best film to watch RIGHT before you hit the stage.

MTV News: Do you remember the first song you ever wrote?

Chaidez: Yes. I do. It was called -- it’s so embarrassing -- it was called 'Hollywood,' and it was just like one of those songs about how everyone in Hollywood is so fake and I’m just a regular girl down the street and I don’t fit in. It was just really funny.

I think the first line was like, 'Just another face in a magazine, she’s got the best boob job that I’ve ever seen.' It was really embarrassing. I think that was my first song that I ever wrote. But not my proudest moment. I think I was 12 or 13.


This movie -- which depicts a boy's coming of age in real-time -- is super long. Perfect for any and all roadtrips.

MTV News: Are you working on any new music now? Can you give us a preview?

Chaidez: Lyrically it’s just a little broader than the music I’ve ever made before. Not that I ever really wrote about this in the past, but it’s not a whole lot about relationships, or, you know, romantic relationships or boys or girls or getting high or anything like that. I guess I’m not really focused on any of those things right now. I think that really translates in the music.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, as well as a lot of Cocteau Twins and the Cranberries. So it’s like this weird blend of those two sounds, I feel. And I also feel it’s a very vocal record.

"Mysterious Skin"

In this Joseph Gordon-Levitt-starring film from 2004, two boys who were sexually abused by their baseball coach grow up to be a male prostitute and an alien conspiracy theorist, respectively. Not exactly (or remotely) a laugh riot, but I'm sure this complex tale makes the miles fly by.

MTV News: What have you learned about touring from some of the awesome people you've been on the road with?

Chaidez: Some things that I think that I would in the past be a little bit embarrassed about, you know, like crowd interaction, clapping -- I wouldn’t, I couldn’t get myself to do. I realized well -- like Gwen Stefani, we opened for No Doubt -- and Gwen Stefani can get the room to clap and she doesn’t look like a cheesy rock star. Because she f--king owns it.

I think things like that. Just the way Hayley or Shirley or Gwen Stefani -- the way they handle themselves in a public setting, and their kindness and their gratitude is always really cool to see. I’ve learned a lot from that. I think that radiates from them.

"Orange Is The New Black"

Chloe, like the rest of us, is addicted to the ladies of Litchfield.