Vince Staples Nailed His ‘Dope’ Scene With A$AP Rocky In One Take

It wasn't a 'slippery slope.'

It's Friday, June 19, which means that "Dope" is officially in theaters, and you should probably add it to your to-do list for the weekend.

The coming-of-age comedy, set in Inglewood, California, stars Shameik Moore, Zoe Kravitz, A$AP Rocky, Kiersey Clemons and Chanel Iman -- but don't sleep on Vince Staples, who nailed his cameo in the film.

The Los Angeles rapper appears in one of the funniest moments in the movie, where A$AP Rocky's character explains why it's imperative that he punishes a nightclub bouncer for disrespecting him, using the phrase "slippery slope" (see the trailer above).

That gives way to Vince Staples' confusion about what this saying could possibly mean -- "Do it got anything to do with skiing?" -- and leads to a hilarious exchange between himself and an exasperated A$AP Rocky. As Vince tells MTV News, he nailed that in one take and now he's got his eye on bigger things.

"I was perfect. A lot of people had to get their situations right, but as far as I go -- I was perfect," Vince said, laughing.

Now, the sky's the limit. "They called and asked [me] to be a part of it, in [their] search [for] the next Russell Crowe, or Tom Cruise," he added. "It was good to have a role like that. It was a good experience and now we're tryna get in 'Baby Boy 2' or 'Baby Boy 3D.'"

Yes, stay tuned for "Baby Boy 3D."