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Snape's Helium 'Harry Potter' Is Pure Magic

He's got the potion for happy emotions right here, Potterheads.

Professor Snape was a whiz at chemistry -- literally, he was a potions master wizard.

So, it's pretty fitting that Alan Rickman used a prominent member of the Periodic Table to spruce up his own Professor Snape recitation recipe.

The "Harry Potter" star appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Wednesday (June 17) to poke fun at the one famous English actor left who hasn't gotten any wand time (Benedict Cumberbatch), and he wound up sucking down some balloon helium and magically transforming his Professor Snape into Filius Flitwick.

Riddikulous! It's like he's his own boggart here. It's too bad we weren't there to help feed him his lines because we have a few in mind [insert the requisite Occlumency reference here] for this very occasion. Adding a little helium to the mix would've taken the snip out of these Snape lines for sure.

  • That time he got extra professor-y about the reading assignment and left the students quivering in their capes.
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  • And when he wanted to teach Mister Potter a lesson about the dark danger of feeling feelings.
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  • Not to mention, that time when he went all dad vibe with the lectures. Groan.
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It's a good thing Alan Rickman's oh-so-deep normal voice is sexy. Otherwise we might suggest he carry a balloon at the ready. Always.