Kristen Stewart And Stephenie Meyer Had A 'Twilight' Reunion: See The Pics

The gang got back together to support female directors.

With their very busy schedules keeping them apart, it's rare for Kristen Stewart and Stephenie Meyer to be photographed together these days -- which is why we should all be very grateful for Women in Film’s 2015 Crystal + Lucy Awards, which brought the two "Twilight" ladies together for a very important cause: introducing the female directors who will carry on the Twi-torch with six new mini-movies.

As MTV News announced last April, Kailey and Sam Spear, Maja Fernqvist, Lindsey Hancock Williamson, Amanda Tasse, Nicole Eckenroad and Yulin Kuang will get their big breaks in “The Storytellers — New Voices of The Twilight Saga," and it's great that Stewart and Meyer are so heavily involved in not only choosing them, but promoting their work in an industry that is so in need of female voices behind the camera. And of course, it's also just great to see the gang back together, so let's just take a second to enjoy these pics of Stephenie and KStew, then go back to looking forward to more "Twilight."