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6 Things Michelle Obama And Prince Harry Probably Talked About Over Tea

You know, besides all the political stuff.

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First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama had an official meeting with His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales at Kensington Palace on Tuesday (June 16). While the official topic of conversation was how to expand girls' education around the world as part of Michelle's "Let Girls Learn Initiative," these two are way too much fun to have kept the convo all business.

Nah, we suspect there was some candid off-topic chatter between the FLOTUS and old Spike, and we have a few ideas what topics they might've touched upon during their fancy tea party.

  1. How often he gets confused for Harry Styles and/or Harry Potter.
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    'Cause, really, which Brit is the most famous Harry of all? (As an aside, a Prince Harry Potter Styles union would be the best thing that ever happened.)

  2. Exchanging dance moves.
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    We know our FLOTUS can boogie woogie with the best of 'em -- you might recall her recent "Uptown Funk" routine, for example. And since Prince Harry knows how to have a good time, ahem, we're sure they shared some tips on getting down. They had to have.

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    We would also like to know this information.

  4. Whether Prince Harry has been eating his vegetables.
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    Michelle is pretty much everyone's mom on the nutrition front right now.

  5. How he really feels about being demoted in throne succession by not one, but two of his brother's children.

    Third to fifth? He can't not have feelings about that.

  6. Finally getting Prince Harry to join Twitter.
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    While we do appreciate that the current @PrinceHarry account has some Dobby love going on there, we'd much rather get some candid Party Prince action our feeds, like, right now. His selfie game is probably of the highest order.