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Drake And Game Are About To Keep It '100': See The Pics

The two shot a video in California this week.

We've heard Drake and Game together before, like on the L.A. rapper's 2011 "Good Girls Go Bad," and it looks like they've cooked up another collab for his upcoming The Documentary 2.

Drizzy posted a short video of Game, standing above a crowd of people with the caption, "Cedar Block @losangelesconfidential lotta love out here in this little world of its own. 100."

In the background, we can hear a glimpse of Drake rapping: "Y'all better not come to my studio with that fake sh-t." You may remember that line from a verse that Aubrey has been performing recently at his live shows. After the above line, the verse continues: "You're better off realizing there's nothing you can do with me/ All I ever ask is you keep it 8 more than 92 with me -- 100."

Combine that with a tweet from the producer Cardo -- who says that he and Johnny Juliano produced a Drake and Game track called "100," and it's a safe bet that the two were shooting a video for the song on Monday, and that the verse we've been hearing from Drake at concerts will find it's permanent home on the collab.

The Drake fan account @OVOforums posted another quick clip of the shoot, that features both of the MCs.

The guys check out what they had shot.

And posed with lots of people wearing red.

And photographer Kevin Wong was on the scene.

Hopefully we get to see and hear the finished version soon.