Your Attempts At Text-Flirting Are Even More Awkward When Aziz Ansari Reads Them Aloud

Relive the horror of your first textual experience.

Dating in the age of technology can be weird and difficult, which is pretty much the thesis of Aziz Ansari's new book, "Modern Romance."

But you won't fully appreciate just how weird and how difficult until you've watched the "Parks and Recreation" actor and Jimmy Fallon roleplaying your most cringeworthy texting exchanges over a tableau of velvet and candlelight, during Ansari's recent appearance on "The Tonight Show."

From the cutesy introduction you wished you could take back as soon as you hit "send," to the agonies of autocorrect, these scenes should be familiar to anyone who's ever dated in the age of smartphones.

And yes, we said your texting exchanges. Don't pretend like you don't have a dozen awkward flirting overtures just like these sitting in your phone right now, like little digital badges of failure. AS DO WE ALL.