Two Teens Suffer Ultimate Summer Nightmare During Shark Encounter In North Carolina

Also: Ice cream man shot in front of kids and Jeb Bush finally announces presidential run.

Both Teens Were Severely Injured In Sunday’s Attack

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: you’re enjoying a fun family day at the beach and someone yells "SHARK!" It happened to two families on Sunday afternoon in Oak Island, North Carolina when two different teens were attacked 90 minutes apart on Oak Island Beach, each sustaining serious injuries. Both arrived at a local hospital in critical condition and were upgraded to fair just before midnight, with the boy, 16, and girl, 13, each losing parts of their arm and the girl possibly facing amputation of her left leg. A 13 year-old girl was attacked in the same area on Thursday, suffering non-threatening foot lacerations.

Ice Cream Man Shot While Handing Treats To Kids

Big Daddy Ice Cream driver Brandon Brown, 22, was shot this weekend while handing out frozen treats at the Lucas Village housing complex in Fredrick, Maryland. A 27-year-old man, Larnell Lyles, was arrested after he allegedly walked up to Brown and shot him in the chest. No motive was known for the crime at press time.

Finally, Jeb Bush Is Getting In The Game

After months of speculation and millions and millions raised, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is poised to finally announce his presidential run on Monday (June 15) in Miami. If Bush wins he’ll become part of the most successful political dynasty in U.S. history, but he’s entering the already crowded race tied for first place with fellow Floridian, Sen. Marco Rubio. He enters a historically large field with a dozen candidates after months of historic fundraising that some experts said was starting to skirt the rules of what candidates can do while putting off making an official announcement.

Vancouver Teen Invents Way To Cut Spread Of Viruses On Planes

While you were just trying to wake up in time for your finals, 17-year-old Raymond Wang was studying last year’s Ebola breakout and hitting the books to study how we could cut down on the spread of viruses in planes. He came up with a computer model that could potentially cut down on disease transmission by redirecting air flow in the cabin. The St. Georges School junior won a $75,000 prize at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh earlier this year for his device, which he says can improve the availability of fresh air in the cabin by 190 percent and reduce the concentration of airborne germs by 55 times.

Embattled NAACP Head Postpones Meeting As Questions Continue

Controversial Spokane, Washington, NAACP head Rachel Dolezal, 37, has postponed a planned meeting on Monday to discuss her further role with the civil rights group amid reports that she has long misrepresented herself as being African-American. Some NAACP members complained that the cancellation of the meeting was against the group’s bylaws. Dolezal’s adopted brother, Ezra, who is black, said she asked him three years ago "not to blow her cover" about her identity and compared her transformation to living in "blackface"; Dolezal’s parents say she is white and that her claims that she is partly African-American are false.

Quick Take: Those two escaped murderers are still on the run 9 days after their prison break, but the woman who allegedly helped them flee is behind bars. Prison tailor Joyce Mitchell will be in court on Monday (June 15) to answer charges that she supplied them with tools including hacksaw blades, chisels and a screwdriver bit and was planning to meet up with them and drive to a predetermined location 7 hours away.