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Laverne Cox Had Some Beautiful Advice For A 7-Year-Old Transgender Fan

Prepare for weeping.

You might want to grab some tissues before you read this, guys. Because a 7-year-old transgender girl recently got to meet "Orange Is The New Black" star Laverne Cox, and her mom's account of the encounter will make you cry all the tears.

Marlo Mack, who writes about her daughter M. on her blog Gender Mom, had introduced M. to Laverne via her historic Time magazine cover – so when Mack heard the fabulous Miss Cox would be making an appearance in her town, she just knew she had to bring M.

But she never could've imagined what would transpire after the event, in the VIP area. M. anxiously staked out a spot right in front of the doors, and as soon as Laverne walked in, the tiny sundress-clad sweetie was there to greet her.

Mack writes of the exchange:

“Well, hello,” she [Laverne] said.

“I’m M.,” my daughter said.

Laverne smiled down at her. “Hello, M.”

“And I’m trans,” M. said.

I don’t think Ms. Cox saw that coming. The crowd around me gasped their approval (“Did you hear what that little girl said?”). Laverne seemed at a bit of a loss. She looked around the room. “Is anyone with her?”

Mack identified herself as M.'s mom and then took photos as Laverne hugged and chatted with her pint-sized fan. Laverne left M. with these words of wisdom: "Remember, honey, transgender is beautiful."

It sure is, ladies. It. Sure. Is.

Marlo Mack