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Lena Dunham Got Down And Dirty In This Hilarious Lip Sync Battle

Today's lesson: 'Fat Bottomed Girls' trumps everything. PERIOD, THE END.

Jimmy Fallon may have finally met his lip-syncing match in Lena Dunham.

The talk show host's famous lip-sync battles are a staple of "The Tonight Show," and Fallon is a tough competitor, with an arsenal of props and goofy hi-jinks at his disposal. But in his latest edition of the fun challenge, he was overwhelmed by "Girls" star Dunham, who needed nothing more than some athletic gear and her sparkling charisma to come out on top.

Fallon kicked off round one with a preening rendition of the '80s power ballad “I’ve Never Been To Me,” which he performed while gazing into a mirror. Not to be outdone, Dunham -- clad entirely in fresh Nike duds -- performed a rendition of Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding’s “Outside” that found her crawling around the stage to roaring applause.

Fallon’s rebuttal was “Run’s House” by Run-DMC. It was an impressively valiant effort -- he jumped around the stage, getting the crowd to wave their arms in unison. “I would have dropped the mic, but it’s very expensive,” he quipped.

In the end, though, he was no match for Dunham’s final comeback: “Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen. She bounced around the stage, shaking her butt to the loudest cheers of the night. As ever, Lena Dunham makes the rocking world go 'round.