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Turns Out, Jennifer Lawrence's Hot 'New' Bodyguard Isn't New

But he's still hot.

The world -- okay, mostly just the internet, but still -- went crazy this winter when "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2" star Jennifer Lawrence stepped out with some seriously sizzling security detail on her tail.

His name was Justin Riblet, and he caused a mini-frenzy on our feeds, like so:

But before McRiblet (that nickname totally slayed us, by the way -- good job, Twitter), there was Greg Lenz, whom the internet has just discovered and fallen in love with. Yes, before.

What's that you say? Lenz is the new guy, you say?

Nope. Guess again. We dug around the archives of Jennifer Lawrence pics -- such hard work, guys -- and we are pretty sure this fella has been on J.Law's protection team for more than two years. He just wasn't carrying around puppies named Pippi at the time, so his stealth game was a little more slick back then, we suppose.

  • Because unless our eyes deceive, he was totally there by her side, clear as day, at the Rome Film Festival premiere of "Catching Fire" in 2013.
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    It's hard to deny him here, right?

  • And look who had her back at the U.K. premiere the same year?
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    Yep, Mr. Lenz at your service.

  • And in Paris.
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    Merci, monsieur.

  • See him in this pic from the L.A. premiere?
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    Hint: He's the staggeringly studly dude positioned front and center.

  • Here he is at New York's "Catching Fire" debut.
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So, while she may have shopped around for a while before settling back on Lenz, he isn't new to her squad. Now you know. Carry on with the crushing.