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Watch This Toddler's Lifechanging First Encounter With Rage Against The Machine

Feel the rage, little dude.

You don't have to be battling the hormonal hurricane that is teenagedom to get Rage Against the Machine. All you need is a pulse, a pair of working ears and a head to slam to the jam.

And if you have any doubt about that, why don't you ask this two-year-old who just had his first experience with "Bulls On Parade" on Guitar Hero III and only barely managed to contain himself from turning his faux plastic instrument into a device of denly destruction.

Try not to smile when you watch this. We dare you.

At first, we thought maybe the little dude was just getting frustrated by all his novice riff misses, but it became clear from his many moves that he was actually affected by the song and thus overcome with all the RAGE.

His emotions were straight spinning out of control -- and his head didn't quite know how to react.

But he's seen people clap in these situations before ...

And then all the metal power got to the baby, too.

These are exactly the kind of glory moments that game was made for, and while he might not have gotten the high score, he reached expert levels of awesomeness in life right then.

Well played, Rage Kid. Well played.