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Ed Sheeran Jokes About Helping Redheads Get Laid -- Tells Us All To 'Lighten Up'

Apparently, dudes are pretending to be Ed to meet ladies.

Ed Sheeran wants us all to "lighten up," according to Twitter. "Every tongue and cheek comment I've been making recently makes news and is taken seriously. Apologies for any offence caused innit," he wrote.

It's not immediately clear what Ed was talking about, but it seems like he could be referring to a story going around Friday (June 12) in which he's quoted as saying that he's been essentially helping ginger dudes get laid.

“My cousin went on holiday with all her mates," Sheeran told a radio station in a recent interview, according to the Telegraph. "Her mate was in a bar and this dude came up to her and said ‘I have my song in on the radio and my name is Ed Sheeran.' ... And the guy goes to all the bars in all the land. Apparently it works for him.”

Needless to say, the cousin apparently nailed the Ed-a-like -- no, not in that way (gross). She pulled out her ID, flashed her famous surname, and called out the dude for his sleazy scheming. Sheeran also said that his manager gets emails from random girls sometimes, claiming to have slept with Sheeran -- when, in actuality, they bedded down with a red-headed lookalike.

Sheeran didn't seem all that mad at gingers getting play by way of his good name. "We're finally getting laid! This is a good thing," he reportedly joked.

Red locks are the most famously maligned among the rest of the hair colors, with scientific studies pointing out that other hues are far more preferred -- so we can see why Ed would choose to poke fun at the whole situation. The singer has even got his share of flack for his flaming hair, in the end using it to his advantage: "‘Being ginger can seem like a bad thing when you are young but as a musician it has been my saving grace -- because if you see a ginger kid on TV and there is only one messy-haired ginger kid who plays guitar, it is very easy to find them on YouTube," he told the Daily Mail.

Jokes or no, I think the lesson here is if you're out and about and an Ed Sheeran comes into the bar (which sounds like a terrible joke), maybe check his ID before grabbing his digits. His PHONE NUMBER. Mind, gutter -- get outta it.