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Jennifer Lawrence Might Be Neighbors With Taylor Swift And Beyonce

JLaw is shopping in NYC... and these A-listers will be her new neighbors.

Great news for Bubby's Pie Company -- talented actress and food enthusiast Jennifer Lawrence has been spotted searching for a new apartment in the posh NYC neighborhood of TriBeCa.

The downtown Manhattan neighborhood (the abbreviated name means "Triangle Below Canal," btw) is definitely a far cry from JLaw's current Hollywood digs, but she'll still have a whole gaggle of A-list neighbors to pal around with once she moves here (fingers crossed!). Below, find out who should be making JLaw pasta salads and bundt cakes for a housewarming gift once she seals that prime real estate deal:

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    Pop music's number one 20-something blond and Hollywood's number one 20-something blond already seem to know each other quite well -- in fact, JLaw was seen leaving Swift's apartment around Memorial Day. Are Swift's famous gal-pal gatherings about to gain another famous face?! Seems likely.

  2. Jay and Bey
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    If JLaw ever gets hungry for some high-quality diner food, she should call up her new neighbs Jay-Z and Bey -- the Odeon is just around the corner, after all, both JLaw and Blue Ivy could nosh on one of their famous burgers. (Just not Beyonce. No meat for Beyonce.)

  3. Meryl Streep

    JLaw may have joked "I beat Meryl" when she won her Academy Award, but now that she'll be living mere block from the Hollywood icon, the two can get past it over a glass of vino at Robert De Niro's Tribeca Grill. Which brings us to...

  4. Robert De Niro

    The father of the TriBeCa Film Festival himself would surely love to have JLaw in town to rock some red carpets next year. And they're already buds from "Silver Linings Playbook," so basically I'm already shipping Robifer LawNiro something fierce.

  5. Bethenny Frankel

    JLaw is a self-described "Real Housewives" nut, so she'll be thrilled to learn that Frankel lives nearby in SoHo, after losing her TriBeCa dream home in a custody battle with her ex-husband. Whatever, it's still walking distance.

  6. Jon Stewart

    If JLaw is every in the mood for some spot-on, scathing political commentary, she should definitely plan a ~sophisticated~ night out with Stewart. Might I recommend Marc Forgione on Reade Street? I think I might.