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We Are All Old -- 'Jagged Little Pill' Is 20 And Alanis Is A Baby In This Throwback Interview

Some of you might not have even been born yet.

Alanis Morissette gave the world the ultimate breakup album 20 years ago Saturday when she released Jagged Little Pill unto the world -- she also gave us a rich, complex record that would go on to inspire musicians for years to come (both male and female).

Barely in her 20s, Alanis was kind of a '90s Lorde -- wiser than her years, exceptionally talented, possessing of a #1 hit song when most people were still deciding what major to choose.

Back in 1995, MTV caught up with Alanis to talk about the success of the record and her hit single. Many of you will probably chuckle when Morissette is asked about the man behind "You Oughta Know" -- “I’m not sure if he knows it’s about him" -- since he is allegedly Dave Coulier from "Full House." But there's more to this uncut, uncensored interview than heartbreak. Alanis was -- and is -- also an extremely sharp woman, and, frankly, kind of a badass. Check out the full interview above -- and her best quotes below:

  1. “To me it’s the easiest to a write a song that’s so personal because you’re just being yourself. It’s like writing in a diary in many ways.”
  2. “I didn’t write ['You Oughta Know'] for the sake of revenge, I wrote it for the sake of release.”
  3. “A lot of times a melody will write the lyric itself. And it’s a sort of overwhelming and spiritual experience for me because I don’t even know where it’s coming from."
  4. On touring with men: "I feel like the only boy! They’ll kill me if they hear that.”
  5. "I’ve been surrounded by adults from a very young age and everyone has a particular spirit that they’re instilled with when they’re born and mine I guess is very hungry for knowledge and instilled with this insatiable appetite for growing.”
  6. “I love men and I’m now attracted to men that treat me well and I don’t put myself in certain situations with men that don’t.”
    Jeff Kravitz
  7. I’m an '80s queen! I love '80s cheese music.”
    Ron Galella