Annie Liebovitz/ Vanity Fair

Meet The One Celebrity Who Still Has No Idea Who Caitlyn Jenner Is

How is this possible?

Caitlyn Jenner broke a record for gaining a million Twitter followers in just over four hours, but apparently that doesn't mean that all celebrities know who she is. Or, maybe it's just Machine Gun Kelly.

Bruce Jenner opened up about transitioning to a woman in a very moving interview with Diane Sawyer in April, and then made a huge splash with a beautiful spread as Caitlyn Jenner in a recent issue of Vanity Fair. Somehow, MGK missed all of that.

The Cleveland rapper recently sat down for an interview with Complex, and was completely confused when Jenner came up in the interview.

“I didn’t know that was Bruce Jenner until you guys just said that was Bruce Jenner,” Kells revealed during a discussion about Caitlyn's decision to spell her name with a "C" versus a "K," like the other Kardashians.

“I thought that was a Jenner we never heard about -- like, [how] there’s a third Franco," MGK added.

We're not mad at him for not knowing, just confused and amazed at his ability to miss such a big pop culture moment.