Hillary Clinton Posted Her First Instagram And It's Further Proof She's In On The Joke

Sorry, but it's not a pic of Socks the cat.

It used to be Instagram was just the home of young people wanting to share images, but now politicians are getting in on the social media photo brand, too! After being on Facebook and Twitter, Hillary Clinton has staked out her own Instagram page.

“Doting grandmother, among other things. #Hillary2016" is her quick Instagram bio. Clinton, who is running to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for President, continued to be tongue-in-cheek with her very first image. Known for her pantsuit fashion statements, she uploaded this with the comment "Hard Choices":

Not only are they red, white, and blue, but she makes a pun because her book is also called “Hard Choices.” To make more of a punny fashion statement, if you go to Clinton’s store, she has pantsuit T-shirts for sale. Are those also going to be on her Instagram soon?