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13 Times Chris Pratt Was Red Carpet Perfection At The 'Jurassic World' Premiere

This gallery will have you drooling like a dilophosaurus.

Chris Pratt was front and center for the "Jurassic World" premiere last night, celebrating the release of his latest movie with maximum exuberance.

From meeting fans on the red carpet to canoodling with wife Anna Faris for the cameras, Pratt was perfect from every angle, as you can see in our roundup of pics from the event. Scroll down to see more of Chris Pratt, in all his glorious Pratt-ness.

  • It all started with a stylish arrival in a hot red car.
  • And look how happy Chris Pratt is to see you! Yes, YOU.
  • How does Chris feel about this premiere? In a word: Pumped.
  • But cautious, too! You never know, there might be an indominus rex lurking around here somewhere.
  • Soon, wife Anna Faris joined the fun.
  • And Chris requested two seconds to take care of some important business.
  • Very, very important business.
  • Two words: Relationship goals.
  • Two more words: STOP IT. (You're too cute.)
  • And even then, the star wasn't too busy to take a pause to make one young fan's dreams come true.
  • You're the greatest, Chris Pratt.
  • No, YOU are.