Which Of Your Favorite 'Beauty And The Beast' Songs Will Be In The Live-Action Movie?

Answer: All of them, and then some.

Relax and rejoice, "Beauty and the Beast" fans: When your favorite fairy tale (as old as time) hits theaters in 2016, all your favorite songs (as old as rhyme) will be sung by the cast, and then some.

Alan Menken, who wrote all the music for the 1995 animated "Beauty and the Beast," was at Lincoln Center this week for its "Artist to Artist" interview series, where he spent some time discussing his work on the live-action version of the story starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast.

Via StitchKingdom, Menken revealed that the 2016 film will include all the beloved music from the Disney original, plus three new songs. The only bad news is for fans of the Broadway version of "Beauty and the Beast"; the numbers from that production that weren't in the first movie will not make the jump to this one, either.

The new songs include "Days in the Sun," in which the enchanted objects in the castle sing longingly about life before the curse, and "Forever More," in which the Beast sings about finally understanding love.

This is exciting news for fans who couldn't bear a "Beauty and the Beast" without "Be Our Guest" or "Gaston."

More importantly, it also seems like a definitive answer to the question of whether or not Dan Stevens can actually sing, which has been a mystery ever since his casting was announced. The Disney original didn't require much crooning on behalf of the Beast -- his only song was "Something There," which even a non-singer could totally fake his way through -- but the addition of a big solo number for him all but confirms it: Beasty can wail.